Lviv before the war - Support Ukraine!

I visited Lviv in western Ukraine in the summer of 2017. Lviv is an exceptionally beautiful
city. I fell in love with Lviv at once. I also met many very friendly Ukrainians. I had planned
to visit Lviv again and other cities in Ukraine as well for an upcoming photo project.

Unfortunately, Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine has changed everything.
missile attacks on Lviv have taken place and the citizens are prepering for war to defend the

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing to Lviv, before leaving for countries in
European Union. The humanitarian situation is terrible.

It is very important to support Ukraine in these dark times.

I have selected ten photographs from Lviv that I sell to raise money to support Ukraine.
I hope You want to buy one of these photos and support Ukraine.

The money will go to a charity project in consultation with Ukrainians I keep in touch with.

Technical information about the photos:

All photos taken with a Mamiya 7 (analog medium format camera).
Film used: Ilford Delta 400 and Kodak T-Max 400.
Professional scanning by Mein Film Lab in Germany.

Regular prints
Matte photo paper.
Unlimited numbers.

30 x 40 centimeters 500 SEK/50 EURO
50 x 70 centimeters 750 SEK/75 EURO

All prints made by Crimson photo , Sweden.

Shipping costs 90 SEK in Sweden. Price for international shipping coming

If you live in Gothenburg, you can pick up your print.

You can pay with paypal, bank transfer or swish.


Place your order

If you want to order a print, write in the form below the name of which print
you want to buy, which size and if you want a regular print or fine art print.
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Lviv bus stop

Lviv Rynok Square I

Lviv Rynok Square II

Lviv street I

Lviv street II

Lviv street III

Lviv street IV

Lviv Dominican Church

Lviv avenue

Lviv from above